Safe Sitter®

Today’s babysitters need to know more than just the basics about keeping kids safe. Fortunately, the Safe Sitter program offers young adults and preteens an up-to-date and well-rounded youth development program with a medical basis. It teaches babysitters the life and safety skills they need, and equips them with the tools to stay safely home alone with confidence.

Is your child ready to stay home alone, watch younger brothers and sisters while you’re away from the house, or babysit for younger children? Then maybe it’s time for Safe Sitter®.

Safe Sitter® teaches young teens how to practice important safety skills, how to handle emergencies, and how to treat illnesses and injuries & perform CPR.  Safe Sitter® is for boys and girls, ages 11-15 who are ready to learn the skills they need to care for themselves or younger children.           

Students learn important business skills, like how to screen jobs, set a wage, and work with employers. Courses are instructor-led and interactive, with hands-on demonstrations and skills practice using soft-bodied dolls and medical manikins.


  • Indoor Safety
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Online Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Handling Emergencies


  • Child Development
  • Child Care Duties
  • Behavior Management


  • Injury Prevention
  • First Aid & Injury Management
  • Choking Rescue
  • CPR   


  • Job Screening
  • Setting a Wage
  • Canceling Jobs
  • Meeting Employers

Safe Sitter® Essentials with CPR: A 6 ½ hour course that covers all of the course content in Safe Sitter® Essentials, with an additional hour of CPR instruction and manikin practice. Children will not be certified in CPR on this day but be familiarized and practice the process until they feel comfortable performing the skills of depth & rate of compressions.

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