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Lemont Fire Protection District

The mission of the Lemont Fire Protection District is to continue the tradition of providing professional service to all with Integrity, Honor and Dedication.

Serving the Community Since 1886

The department’s goal is to provide the highest quality of emergency service through prevention, preparedness, response and recovery programs, to promote community awareness and participation in fire prevention and disaster preparedness.



Emergency Preparedness | How Ready Are You, Really?

Disasters can happen at any time and anywhere, and you may not have much time to respond.

  • Make a Plan – Talk to family and friends about the types of emergencies that can occur.
  • Build an Emergency Supply Kit(s) – Have a kit for your house, vehicle, and your place of work. Be prepared to shelter in your home or to be evacuated.

  • Get Training – Learn first-aid and CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation). Know how to shelter-in-place and how to turn off utilities (power, gas, water) to your home.

  • Volunteer – Volunteer in your community as a CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) member.


Real-time disaster information and preparedness tips  https://ready.illinois.gov/

Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s Official Website https://iemaohs.illinois.gov/

Bureau of Disaster Assistance and Preparedness https://www.disasterassistance.gov/

IEMA’s 24-Hour Emergency Telecommunications Center (800) 782-7860


In Case of Emergency Call 911!