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Lemont Fire Protection District

The mission of the Lemont Fire Protection District is to continue the tradition of providing professional service to all with Integrity, Honor and Dedication.

Serving the Community Since 1886

The department’s goal is to provide the highest quality of emergency service through prevention, preparedness, response and recovery programs, to promote community awareness and participation in fire prevention and disaster preparedness.



You Can Help - When Seconds Count!

  DO    use a minimum of 3-inch high white reflective numbers on a dark background.

  DO    display your address on BOTH SIDES of your mailbox. Help often arrives from the opposite direction of the mail service.

  DO  use a directional arrow on the mailbox if you share a driveway with another house or if the mailboxes are all on the same side of the road.

  DO    display your address ON YOUR HOUSE using a minimum of 4-inch numbers and make sure they are visible from the street and brightly lit. Bigger is Better.

 DO NOT  use black numbers. Black numbers on a white reflective background are common but hard to see at night. White reflective background has a tendency to balloon from the headlights of an approaching vehicle and hide the black letters. This often happens for the modern high intensity lights used on emergency vehicles.

DO NOT use brass numbers. Brass numbers are difficult to see in the daytime, impossible at night.

 DO NOT allow shrubbery or holiday decorations to block your address on your mailbox or on your house.

 DO NOT rely on curbside painted numbers. First responders cannot see them as they approach from down the road. These numbers are easily covered by snow, dirt, debris, and completely hidden by a parked car.

In Case of Emergency Call 911!